Online Dating For People with Disabilities

Disability or illness should never be a barrier to looking for companionship or finding that special someone to share your life with. Who doesn't want the closeness of a true friend, companion or more?

There's no better method for finding that perfect match than using the power of the internet to do an online search for available singles in your local area. With you get to choose the type of person you'd like to meet up with, for cosy nights in or fun 'out and about'.

You can select the person of interest and get chatting to each other to see what you have in common. Once you're at the stage where you're talking to each other you may decide to go that extra step and actually meet up. Daunting, but exciting! And we're here for you every step of the way.


Good places to meet in person can include restaurants, cafes, the local park (if the weather is nice) or at a different place that's of interest to you both. This might be a museum or an art gallery, or even the zoo!

If you a carer that needs to be in attendance or would like a chaperone, let the person you've matched with know in advance – it may be that they are in the same situation as you. Remember, this is a dating site for people with disabilities!

When you're creating your personal dating profile it's very important to put up a recent photograph of yourself. Add some information about your life and the kind of things you like and are interested in; hobbies, favourite foods, favourite movies or the kind of music you enjoy. Give details on what you like to do in your spare time. You can even mention family or pets!

It's always best to try to meet for dating in person with singles that have similar likes/ dislikes to you as this will give you lots to talk about when you have that fun first meeting. Be honest in your dating profile but also don't give everything away – leave some for when you meet for dates and only tell people on dating sites what you feel comfortable talking about.

Finally it might be helpful to ask a good friend or family member to read over your profile and messages to/ from the disabled members you speak to on the site if you have any concerns or feel nervous.

Remember – this experience is the same for you as it is for everybody else. It's scary at times but ultimately it's great fun, immensely enjoyable and the online aspect of dating allows you to build up trust online. You have plenty of time to choose that special someone who is out there looking for you.

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