Online Dating Tips – Dating with a Disability

When it comes to dating online, the disabled community is one of the fastest growing areas of this brilliant evolution in the way people find love. You're not disabled when it comes to searching for love – you're very much enabled and 'handicapable'! Get involved!

After signing up, please remember the following dating tips for people with disabilities:


  • ...take your time to search for the right person. Relax, it's not a race! :-)
  • ...consider common interests, family dependants, hobbies, age differences, pets, habits, etc when you're looking for someone to date
  • ...put up a profile picture of yourself on your online dating profile. It should reflect who you are – no editing or cheating now! Try to find a your most smiley one...found it? Beautiful!
  • honest when chatting with other singles with disabilities online. Don't say you attend the gym three times a week when the last time you did any real exercise was that time you couldn't get a note to excuse yourself from gym class back in High School! Honesty is the best policy!
  • ...choose sensibly where to meet up on your date and let at least one trustworthy person know of your plans for the day/ evening
  • ...remember the best place for your first date is somewhere public with lots of things happening to give you both things to talk about. Consider a museum or the zoo. Or if you're a foodie (like all the team here at Disability Matches!) then head to a food festival or nice restaurant
  • ...BE YOURSELF! You're wonderful!


  • ...spend all the time on your date talking about you! Not a good thing, no matter how great you are! Ask open questions and get the conversation flowing. For example, you can ask “Where did you grow up?”, “What school did you attend?”, “Tell me about your hobbies?”
  • ...forget to listen to your date when she or he is talking. The more you listen to them, the better it will be for both of you
  • about your ex partners – this is a fresh start and you're moving on to better things!
  • hurtful if you don't wish to see them for a second date. Send a polite note through your dating profile to tell them it was lovely to meet them but that you realise it just isn't right. Explain to the person that it is nothing personal and let them down gently and in a respectful manner. Then you can look for your next date! Isn't this fun!

Remember folks, love at first site is very unusual, no matter what the movies say! It takes time, patience and effort to find the right person for you. But that doesn't mean you can't have a great time and make lots of friends in the journey to true love. By signing up below, you're taking the first step on that journey!

We're right here with you! Let's go!

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