A Disabled Dating Case Study: Mary & David

As the world's largest database of singles with disabilities, you'd think we'd be bored of success stories by now...but we're not! Every time we receive a call or an email from a member that has decided to leave us because they've found love online, we share the news with our entire company and take great pride in the fact that we're doing our job right.

David and Mary met on DisabilityMatches and despite some initial uncertainties, they soon became good friends. Before long, that friendship become true love. Mary kindly agreed to speak to us over the phone about their path to happiness and the impact their own personal disabilities had on the relationship.

DisabilityMatches: What are your disabilities, if we may ask?
M: David has downs syndrome and I have a learning disability.

DisabilityMatches: How long were you a member of our disabled dating site before you met?
M: David was quite new to the site but I had been on DisabilityMatches for around four and a half months.

DisabilityMatches: Who made the first move?
M: It was David (laughs). I find it tough to speak to people I dont know and I'm quite shy but David isn't!

DisabilityMatches: What was your first date?
M: My parents drove us to a place for bowling.

DisabilityMatches: Was it love at first site?
M: No (laughs)!

DisabilityMatches: Is it true you were friends first before you became boyfriend and girlfriend?
M: I didn't want to be David's girlfriend at first but after the third time he asked me I said yes! David is a nice person and was a really nice friend to me. Then we fell in love together.

DisabilityMatches: Did you have other dates on DisabilityMatches?
M: I met a man call Geoff and someone else. I can't remember his name. I was too shy at first.

DisabilityMatches: Now you've found love, what are your plans for the future?
M: I hope me and David are together forever.

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